Are you a sneakerhead looking for new shoes to add to your collection?

Do you want to buy designer shoes at an affordable price?

Are you on the hunt for rare and collectible sneakers?

Do you want to make some quick cash selling some of your kicks?

Look no further.  This is the place for you.  Welcome to Ownkicks.

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We made Ownkicks to be easy for shoe buyers and sellers, but we’re not your average online shoe store.  Today it’s so easy to get ripped off buying shoes online.  It sucks to order shoes and then find out that they’re knockoffs – believe us, we’ve been there before.  It’s hard to have faith in any shoe website after buying knockoffs.  You don’t know who you can trust, and you don’t want to get scammed again.  

Ownkicks is unique because we guarantee that all major sneakers or shoe brands on our site are authentic, 100% knockoff free – which is something some of our competitors can’t promise you.  We verify all major sneaker brands.  No more fakes and no more getting ripped off.

We also know it’s hard for people to trust the websites they buy or sell on.  Buyers want to make sure that their money is going to a safe, legitimate site and sellers want to make sure that they get paid.  Ownkicks uses PayPal and Stripe as secure payment systems that both buyers and sellers can trust.  For Stripe transactions, buyers don’t get charged until the order is completed, and the seller won’t get paid until the buyer has confirmed the order and their satisfaction.  On PayPal, transactions will be put on hold if the buyer has any issue with their order.  We don’t save or share any of your payment information so that your cards and accounts never get compromised.  New sellers are verified before they can post listings to help protect buyers from getting scammed.

As a seller on Ownkicks, you’ll always get paid every time you get a sale and have a satisfied customer.  Unlike our competitors, we don’t have subscription fees for sellers.  We take a 5% commission on completed sales – that’s it.

Image via Unsplash

We’re a business changing up the online shoe retail market.  Ownkicks caters to YOU, unlike other online buying/selling platforms.  When you buy or sell on Ownkicks, the power is in your hands.  You can trust that any purchase you make is for authentic merchandise and that you’re paying on a secure site.  For sellers, it’s an easy and affordable way to make money online.  Buyers and sellers can communicate with each other to build trust and build a social network of sneaker lovers.  We look forward to growing our site and bringing people together to buy and sell shoes.  Once you start using Ownkicks, we know that you’ll never go back.  Check out our site and see if any shoes catch your eye.  Dig through your closet and see if you have anything worth selling.  C’mon, you’ve got nothing to lose.